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African Quality Assurance Centre (AQAC)

Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification, is Afreximbank's technical partner on the African Quality Assurance Centre (AQAC) project. Bureau Veritas will ensure that AQAC meets the ISO 17025 standard for testing and calibration laboratories, ensuring the credibility and reliability of the following services, among others: physical and chemical testing of Food and Agri, contaminants analysis, microbiological testing, water analysis, soil analysis, plant analysis, and organic substrate analysis.

Your challenges

To meet today's consumers' demands for safe and high-quality food products, you must demonstrate responsible practices, complete product traceability, and compliance with tough laws as a food industry professional.

AQAC Laboratory is an initiative of Afreximbank developed and created to ensure that Made in Africa products to be consumed within the continent meet the required safety/health standards and to enable export of African products to comply with export requirements (applicable standards and technical regulations) within international markets and thus increase the acceptability of Made in Africa´s products in the international market. This laboratory facility will be managed and operated by us to the standards that comply with all relevant National and International Import and Export regulations, policies and narratives that apply to our service scope. 


African Quality Assurance Centre (AQAC) facility

The AQAC is located on a 5-hectare plot along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The site is 65km from Lagos, Nigeria’s main port city and commercial capital, and 75km from Ibadan, a major commercial and industrial hub in south-western Nigeria. It is at the center of a region known for export agriculture.

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How we support

We offer a full range of testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services to ensure that the AQAC meets the ISO 17025 standard for the safety and quality of your food products from farm to fork, including physical and chemical testing, contaminant analysis, microbiological testing, water analysis, soil analysis, plant analysis, and organic substrate analysis, among other services.

The AQAC solutions and services


    Bureau Veritas’ services minimize risk for Agri-Commodities businesses, with stringent controls at every link in the supply chain

    Bureau Veritas services in agriculture
    • Pesticides Residue Testing (MRL)
    • Residue Studies Laboratory Phase
    • Aflatoxin Testing

                      GC Mas spectroscopy

                      LC Mass Spectroscopy

                      Commodities: Sesame Seed, Sorghum, Beans, Maize, Ginger, Soya beans etc

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    The global food industry is facing growing demand for sustainable, safe, high-quality product. We help you meet these expectations, while mitigating risks and protecting your brand.

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    • Full Nutritional Label claim testing
    • Organoleptic, Visual, Odor and taste
    • Vitamins
    • Sugar Profiling
    • Fatty Acid Profiling
    • Cholesterol 
    • Total Dietary Fiber
    • Titration, Acid Value,
    • Free Fatty Acids,
    • Peroxide Values 

        Automated Kjeldahl solution



    • Potable water Testing
    • Borehole water Testing
    • ICP(Heavy metals)
    • Ion Chromatography(Cations & Anions)
    • Other analysis offered (Soil, Sludge, waste water, Bottled water, process water etc).
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    Microbiological testing is performed in all types of food to detect the presence of harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms. Bureau Veritas' testing ensures your product are pathogen-free and safe for consumption.

    Food testing


    • Total bacteria Count
    • Total Coliforms
    • Listeria monocytogenes
    • Salmonella Species
    • E.Coli
    • Enterobacteriaceae
    • S.aureus
    • Yeast & Mould
    • C.Perfringens
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    We perform soil and input analyses to determine the quality of your plants, water, fertilizers, and phytosanitary products

    Agriculture production in Africa
    • Water Analysis(Water for Irrigation) 

    Determine the quality of irrigation water and identify its nutrient composition to better control the fertigation.

    •  Organic Substrate analysis

    Be aware of chemical element composition to establish the necessary organic amendments.

    • Soil Analysis

    Allow you to check the soil nutrient composition, considering its chemical elements and its potential to nourish plants.

    • Plant Analysis(Leaf, Roots, Fruits etc.,)

    Determine the nutritional status of plants and detect nutrient deficiencies, which are
    essential to choose the right fertilization plan, suitable for your needs.

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