Transport infrastructure


management plan

At each stage of the life cycle of your structures, new risks threaten the safety of occupants or users, the strength, operating costs, durability, energy and environmental performance of the structures.

We help you to prevent these risks, manage your regulatory and technical challenges, and thus enhance the value of your assets by controlling your investments.

When defining your projects, during construction, design and throughout operation, the Bureau Veritas group:


Control your technical, regulatory and financial risks by having a perfect knowledge of your assets.
Know and evaluate the technical state of your real estate and industrial assets in order to establish your strategic maintenance plan and optimize the associated investments.
Lead technical evolutions by integrating energy improvements in order to give value to your assets.
Evaluate the operation and maintenance of your building to ensure continuity of service, comfort and health of occupants and improve your management indicators.
Make arbitrations for the acquisition and sale of your asset portfolio by analysing and comparing your assets.
Manage the data of all your assets and equipment in order to optimize their use.


  • Roads 
  • Rails
  • Engineering structures
  • Networks
  • Bridges