Supplier technical assessment 

vendor qualification / technical audit


The Strategy to address new challenges of the global supply chain.


Purchasers, such as owners, operators, contractors or engineers are facing a variety of new constraints and challenges with their Supply chain:

  • Suppliers are far from Purchasers decision centers,
  • Specific local regulations may apply in addition to global industry norms,
  • Language and cultural issues can complicate communication, …                                                                                       Although Suppliers may have good reputation in their market place and may be certified against international standards, Supplier risk management has become more critical for Purchasers:

•       Deadlines are tighter meaning quality and timely delivery of products or services is critical.

•       Adequate quality and schedule controls are essential.

•       Cost of surveillance may considerably increase.

After information is collected about Suppliers and their organization, the next challenge is to assess their work execution. An innovative and cost effective way to qualify Suppliers is required for Purchasers to establish confident trading relationships with Suppliers and to maintain these relationships moving forward. The Bureau Veritas Supplier Technical Assessment Service is a tangible and proven methodology for successfully quality suppliers.


What is Supplier Technical Assessment?
  • Supplier Technical Assessment is a decision tool for Purchasers coping with Suppliers qualification when considering their capabilities to manufacture specified industrial components or provide services.
  • These services are generally 2nd Party assessments, based on customized on-site processes and focused on Suppliers technical execution.
  • Supplier Technical Assessment requires a wide network of technically qualified personnel across continents to properly assess manufacturing processes and types of products or provided services.
  • It can encompass QHSE or CSR issues at the same time to leverage the most value from the output.
  • The typical deliverable is a gap assessment report including recommendations to move forward and followup suggestions.
What are the key benefits of Supplier Technical Assessment for Purchasers?
  • Clarity to make well-informed Supplier qualification decisions
  • Confidence to trade in specific geographical regions with Suppliers
  • Fully tailored assessment plans
  • Cost effectiveness in Suppliers qualification program



Recognition - Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is the worldwide leader specialized in QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) services. Certified to ISO 9001 for all of its activities throughout the world, the Company has earned a large number of accreditations and notifications, as a well-known independent party.

Knowledge and expertise - Our qualified local teams are familiar with inspecting equipment and services; they are staffed with technical experts (metallurgy, NDT, electrical, rotating or static machinery, etc) and senior QMS lead auditors.

Network - With more than 39,000 employees in 900 offices and laboratories covering 140 countries, Bureau Veritas has a genuine global reach, able to act quickly worldwide on clients' behalf.

Online reporting service - Our exclusive secured extranet, BVNet enables clients to monitor progress of their Supplier Assessment program wherever in the world. BVNet facilitates follow-up and instant reporting; this platform is customized to specific client


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