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Bureau Veritas in Nigeria inspects the pipeline of Total's Apapa depot

Oct. 26 2021

Bureau Veritas in Nigeria will perform an inspection mission for Total Nigeria plc.

Who is Total Nigeria plc?
Total Nigeria

Total Nigeria Plc is part of TotalEnergies, a multinational energy company which operates in more than 130 countries and provides sustainable products and services for its customers. 

As a Marketing and Services subsidiary of TotalEnergies, Total Nigeria plc was incorporated as a private company on June 1, 1956 to market petroleum products in Nigeria. Its mission is to ensure customer satisfaction by creating sustainable product and services.

What needs the project covers? 

Total Nigeria Plc enlisted the help of Bureau Veritas to inspect the pipeline at the Apapa depot where it exports its products.

How will Bureau Veritas support?

Bureau Veritas will conduct the inspection and will make a report in order to permit client to perform its production cycle.